Nick Askew, CEO
Nick Askew, CEO

We live to invent "never been done" type projects.

Hey, I'm Nick. Founder & CEO of SaaS companies like Space Auto - I love to create industry-leading B2B technology and develop fulfilling jobs for passionate and motivated people.

Askew AI is an experimental agency. Focusing on building enterprise technology for forward thinking corporations who are looking for a structured, strategic, and creative partner to develop software that pushes boundaries.

Askew AI Investments

We're not just in the business of building tools for others. Our portfolio of high-performing, innovative businesses spans from world-class digital retailing tools to global non-profits that assist millions of people. We develop experimental technology to make a difference, and we're proud to be investors as well as creators.

Featured Clients

At Askew AI, we take pride in our collaborations with some of the world's most renowned and major corporations. Our expertise in AI-centered enterprise technology, robust data architecture, and innovative business solutions has helped these industry leaders excel. Discover the transformative impact we've had on their operations and growth.

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Nick Askew, with his extensive experience as the CEO and Founder of Space Auto and Agency Luminary 2 (Exited 2023), brings a wealth of knowledge in retail and marketing software, data technology, AI, and strategic SaaS products.

A seasoned speaker featured, Nick is a thoughtful and compassionate leader who empowers others through strategic communication and emotional intelligence. He specializes in creating sophisticated software and leveraging automation and AI to reduce expenses and enhance performance.

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